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Focused energies

Silfax designs, manufactures and sells tube and pipe forming and bending machines worldwide. Its full range of products includes standard machines to customized systems. With over 15 years' experience in the manufacturing and installation of equipment, Silfax applications are well known in the automotive, aerospace, appliance and general industry.


We do have a team approach and bring in our project specialists from Silfax and NUMALLIANCE, together to review ideas and find the best solution for our customers. We are using sophisticated development tools (CAD, simulation tools, etc.) to design the required products.


Silfax offers its customers respected knowledge and experience in industrial production of tubular components for exhaust, brake, air conditioning and fuel injection applications. With two production sites (3000 m2) in France, we bring together the technology and capabilities of our developers.

"Our customers will benefit from the cross-fertilization between SILFAX and NUMALLIANCE with more accurate and more innovative answers than ever."

President of NUMALLIANCE